Thursday, October 31, 2019

My daughter will love the Cosyland Diaper Bag Backpack

Hi All! My daughter is going to love the Cosyland diaper bag backpack that I got her. This is my first baby gift to her for my first grandchild. I wanted something that would hold the goods, be durable and look nice. This diaper bag backpack fits the bill! Now, I can't just give her a diaper bag. I had to fill it for her too. That's how I know that the bag will hold everything she needs.

It's versatile enough to be carried as a handbag, backpack or on a stroller. The exterior of the bag is stain resistant. Dirt should only need to be wiped off. I really like the USB charging capability (battery pack not included) and the insulated pouches/pockets that Cosyland included. Those are valuable touches that any mom (or dad) is going to need.

 Here's my video on it and more photos below.
What do you think of the bag?

Can you believe all the baby gear it holds? I think she will adore it. The bag was under $30 on Amazon at


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