Thursday, January 09, 2020

Cowboy Cafe in Elk City, Oklahoma

We stopped at the Oklahoma Welcome Center on I-40 on our way back to Tennessee from New Mexico. The representative there suggested Cowboy Cafe in Elk City for lunch. I told her we wanted a local restaurant within 40 miles or so that served home cooked meals. We also wanted it to be near the interstate.
The Cowboy Cafe met all the requirements that I laid out. These are the photos of our meal and the check. In addition to these entrees they serve breakfast all day. 
This is the Open Roast beef. It is a pile of shredded roast beef that is covered in brown gravy. I got the mashed potatoes and fried okra. It came with a roll and margarine. The okra came piping hot and the plate was lukewarm. It all had a good flavor. Im a huge okra fan and will say that this was my favorite part of the meal. 
Hubby ordered the patty melt. He said it was served piping hot and the cheese well melted. He also said it was flavorful without being overly greasy like some he's had. This came with a salad bar or choice of potato. 

He opted for the salad bar (which I forgot to photograph). It is small but had most of the bases covered. There was iceberg lettuce, boiled eggs, cheese, sunflower seeds, croutons, pickles and pickled okra as well as 5-7 other toppings. 

This is our ticket. We paid just over $20 for two before tip. Two unsweet iced teas rounded out our meal.

Cowboy Cafe is off I-40, exit in Elk City, Oklahoma. It is in the America's Best Choice hotel. The large parking lot had plenty of space for travel trailers, RVs, horse trailers and the like.

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